Eating Contests

November 22nd, 2011 at 1:55 pm by under Face of MyINDY-TV

So I think I have a new calling! I have been The Face for almost three months now and I have just competed in my third eating contest! I have always been competitive, so when a challenge arises, I can’t help my self! :)

It started off with Zup’s Rib Eating Challenge, where I finished 26 ribs in three minutes! I am not even a rib fan, but to receive that trophy from Big Joe Staysniak was worth it! Now it sits on my desk for the next year!

Then came breast cancer awareness month, and what better way to help out than by having a yogurt eating challenge! Sure why not! This one was only 90 seconds, where I finished five and a half yogurts! The winner had 11?! I am not worthy!

And last night at the Butler basketball game, I had the most recent challenge of QDoba burrito in 30 seconds. I almost got half of it! This one was tricky because I had to store everything in my cheeks and worry about chewing later – it  paid off though because I won!

All in all, I have no idea what I am thinking when entering these, but man do I love winning! ;)

You can watch my latest eating contest on under videos!


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