My First Company Christmas Party!!

December 6th, 2011 at 1:32 pm by under Face of MyINDY-TV

It’s December and that means the holiday season has officially arrived! Usually, I have friend’s parties throughout the month, but this year marks my first company one! I had to say I did not know what to expect – what do you wear, do you have a drink or do speak of work or not?! Oh the pressure!

When we arrived at The Hilton, it was so nice to see everyone in their holiday best! The party was filled laughter and genuine appreciation from everyone – what a relief! I can’t believe I was even stressing over it! I also loved meeting some of the spouses – they were so much fun! They had a full spread for dinner my plate was overflowing, and did I mention over six desserts to choose from?!

I was able to learn who has been with the company the longest and who won a cruise?! How do I sign up for that? ;) To end the presentation we all got to enjoy bloopers from everyone, and I made the cut! Remember my Purdue drum incident?! Oh yeah, slow motion on the big screen for everyone to see! Thank you Audra!

Overall, what a fun night! I’m just going to have to sneak in next year! ;)


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