September, 2012

My Taste Of Oranje Indy 2012

September 24th, 2012 at 4:21 pm by under Face of MyINDY-TV

Oranje, the annual end of Summer and beginning of Fall party in Indy, has done it again!

I’ve missed years of Oranje since I had been living in L.A., and now that I am back in Indy- my oh my has it grown in many ways.

Now that Oranje is being held at the Indiana Fair Grounds, it’s obvious that the Oranje heads are doing extra mighty fine, and we’re able to upgrade i.e. running toilets :) hooray guys!

Artists Stuart Sayger, Eimaj Designs, Iggy Arana and Mallory Hodgkin caught my attention. These guys pour their hearts and souls into their work, and you can tell when you are standing in front of their pieces.

Band Verdant Vera caught my eye as well. Mostly because the lead singer was fun with long blonde hair and was barefoot the entire set. Oh, and their music was good too :)

It seems that everyone goes to Oranje for different reasons, whether they are looking to dance to music, get drunk, see great art or meet minds alike… But one thing that everyone had in common, was something simple, yet so remarkable. They were all human beings. At least they appeared to be.

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Lisa The New Face of MyINDY-TV 23

September 19th, 2012 at 1:02 pm by under Face of MyINDY-TV

Lisa The Face

Hey guys! It’s Lisa The new Face of MyINDY-TV 23. Just wanted to say hello, and test out this blog.

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Looking forward to the year with you. More coming soon!