The Best of the Best for Cinco de Mayo

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What is not to love about Mexican food – especially on Cinco de Mayo! Finding the BEST can be difficult, especially when there are so many great restaurants in Indy! After much research, I have compiled a list of what I believe to be the tastiest around!

  • Cancun Mexican Restaurant4 Indy locations – The food portions are large and the margaritas are strong – what more could you ask for!
  • La Margarita – Fountain Square
  • La Piedad – Broad Ripple – Best known for it’s quaint atmosphere, but the food is right up there as well! This restaurant now has it’s liquor license, so make sure to stop by and have a margarita on the deck!
  • Chile Verde - 2 Indy locations
  • Puerto Vallarta Mexican Restaurant – 5510 Lafayette Rd.
  • El Sol de Tala – 2444 E. Washington Street
  • Acapulco Joe’s – Downtown Indy – This restaurant has been in Indy for over 40 years! Make sure you try their breakfast menu – famous biscuits and gravy (if you like a little kick!)


2012 Easter Egg Hunt Guide!!!

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  • Sat, April 7th: IMS Kids Club Member Egg Hunt at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Update: Open to the public but you must RSVP! Check out “IMS Kids Club Easter Event” http://imskidsclubeasterevent-estw.eventbrite.com
  • Sat, April 7th(10am):Clay Terrace is hosting an Easter Egg hunt with over 3,000 Easter Eggs to be gathered up and there will be prizes for adults as well. Meet up at the Grassy Area behind Kona Grill and Mitchell’s Fish Market. Adults will have a special opportunity to hunt for Easter Eggs!
  • Sat, April 7th(10am):Easter Eggstravaganza at the City Market. Easter Egg Hunt registration will be…gin at 10am and is open to children age 3 and older. Children are asked to bring their own baskets to fill. Kids of any age may have their picture taken with the Cottontail the Bunny, eat lunch and take home a brown bag dinner from U-Relish for the Crockpot®.
  • Sat, April 7th(11am):The town of Brownsburg is hosting an Easter Egg hunt at Arbuckle Acres Park (200 N. Green Street, Brownsburg) with candy and toy filled eggs. Free for ages infant to age 12. Big prizes include a Nintendo DS3, a scooter and a bike!
  • Sat, April 7th(11am):The Indianapolis Propylaeum (1410 N. Delaware, Indianapolis) host a  FREE Easter Egg Hunt for infants to age 12. Bring your camera for Easter Bunny photos. Don’t be late!
  • Sat, April 7th(Noon):Holland Park (11650 Holland Drive, Fishers, IN 46038) Egg hunt is at 1pm, Easter Bunny pictures are at noon with your own camera! This is for school grades 2 and under. The event will take place rain or shine.
  • Sat, April 7th(Noon):The City of Beech Grove presents a city wide Egg Hunt where 10 plastic eggs have been hidden throughout the city. Clues will be posted on the city website http://www.beechgrove.com/ on March 30th. Eggs have numbers in them and when brought to City Hall by 2pm on Saturday, April 7th, cash prizes will be given. http://www.beechgrove.com/uploads/1/0/1/2/10129925/city_wide_easter_egg_hunt_2.pdf
  • Sat, April 7th(2pm):Join Danville Parks and Recreation and the Kiwanis Club of Danville for an Easter Egg Hunt at Ellis Park. The hunt will begin at 2:00 p.m. and pictures with the Easter Bunny will start at 1:30 p.m. at the Train Station. The hunt will have 3 age categories, 2-3, 4-6, and 7-9. Eggs contain candy and prizes!

Too Old for the Junior’s Dept?!

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So I haven’t been in a department store in ages, but one was having a huge jewelry sale, I had to stop in. While there, like almost every other woman I know, I started browsing for more! So I headed over to the Junior’s department and started perusing – then it hit me! Am I too old for the Junior’s department now?! I looked around only saw teenagers with their mothers so I ventured out and was overwhelmed!! Who knew there were so many options outside the Junior’s – not this girl! But how do you choose?! Is there a transition section? So I ask this question…

At what age are you too old for the Junior’s department?!

Why I Love March!!

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It has arrived!! This is my Christmas month!! Yes, it’s St. Patrick’s Day, but I am talking about March Madness!!

My love for college basketball started at a young age, before I can even remember. I had an Indiana University mobile above my crib, so you see the ingraining began early. My father took me to my first game really young and I think that was when I was hooked. So hooked that I was in the hospital on a ventilator during the 1987 NCAA Championship game and requested a TV so I could watch – yes I am probably a little overboard.

I continue the same tradition every year, when the selections have been made on that Sunday it begins. I print a minimum of ten brackets and have to fill them out in pencil. Which 12 seed is going to upset the 5? What 14 seed is going to bring on their 3-point shooting advantage over the 3 seed? And, ugh, those pesky 8 and 9 seeds that are too close for comfort! Once completed, those brackets, a highlighter and red pen will follow me everywhere I go until April!

Ahh don’t you just love March!!!

My First Company Christmas Party!!

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It’s December and that means the holiday season has officially arrived! Usually, I have friend’s parties throughout the month, but this year marks my first company one! I had to say I did not know what to expect – what do you wear, do you have a drink or do speak of work or not?! Oh the pressure!

When we arrived at The Hilton, it was so nice to see everyone in their holiday best! The party was filled laughter and genuine appreciation from everyone – what a relief! I can’t believe I was even stressing over it! I also loved meeting some of the spouses – they were so much fun! They had a full spread for dinner my plate was overflowing, and did I mention over six desserts to choose from?!

I was able to learn who has been with the company the longest and who won a cruise?! How do I sign up for that? ;) To end the presentation we all got to enjoy bloopers from everyone, and I made the cut! Remember my Purdue drum incident?! Oh yeah, slow motion on the big screen for everyone to see! Thank you Audra!

Overall, what a fun night! I’m just going to have to sneak in next year! ;)


Eating Contests

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So I think I have a new calling! I have been The Face for almost three months now and I have just competed in my third eating contest! I have always been competitive, so when a challenge arises, I can’t help my self! :)

It started off with Zup’s Rib Eating Challenge, where I finished 26 ribs in three minutes! I am not even a rib fan, but to receive that trophy from Big Joe Staysniak was worth it! Now it sits on my desk for the next year!

Then came breast cancer awareness month, and what better way to help out than by having a yogurt eating challenge! Sure why not! This one was only 90 seconds, where I finished five and a half yogurts! The winner had 11?! I am not worthy!

And last night at the Butler basketball game, I had the most recent challenge of QDoba burrito in 30 seconds. I almost got half of it! This one was tricky because I had to store everything in my cheeks and worry about chewing later – it  paid off though because I won!

All in all, I have no idea what I am thinking when entering these, but man do I love winning! ;)

You can watch my latest eating contest on INDYTV.com under videos!



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I used to always remember sitting and watching ads and promos on TV thinking I can do that! Since starting The Face job, I have been learning how to edit – what a wake up call! These editors know what they are doing! A 30 second ad can take two hours to put together. There is the clipping, the music, the dissolving – I could go on forever! I have been sitting with Amanda, who is an amazing editor, and we have been putting my Face packages together that you see on Indy Style as well as the website. Now it’s time to start on my own! What?!

By the end of my Face year, I will have such joy looking back on this post while laughing! Because, by then, I can be known as: Danielle, editor! :) Maybe!

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To introduce D’Buzz to everyone, Janine and I went out around the circle to meet with fellow Hoosiers to see if they could say it. We met some very nice people along the way that were so nice to be a part of this. The most memorable would have to be those guys from Japan! They were such good sports about the whole thing and even liked my Facebook page afterwords! Good thing I was familiar about Facebook because it was all in Japanese. All in all, it was such a great experience, not only great weather, but having the opportunity to introduce myself to the public face-to-face!

The Zone

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Everyone keeps asking me, “What is The Zone?” To answer your question, The Zone is high school sports! Since Fall is upon us, that means football!! MyINDY-TV 23 along with WISH-TV 8 find the exciting game of the week and visit that school! There have been three Friday night games so far, two Horseshoe Classics at Lucas Oil Stadium and they have been a blast! The school spirit that the fans show has blown my mind! The Zone wraps up every Friday night at 11PM on WISH-TV with highlights and scores from around central Indiana. So if you just happen to be at your high school, past or present, and see The Zone crew come say hi! You could score a Zone t-shirt if you do! See you guys on the field!


My First Show

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So this is my very first blog!! Big thanks to Jason for showing me how to do this – hopefully I will make him proud!

I wanted to share with you my first co-hosting experience on Indy Style! After a whirlwind night of our live show to announce the next Face of MyINDY-TV, it was right to work the next morning! Still in shock from winning, I arrived bright and early to start my new job! What should I wear? What do I say? How do I interact with all the guests? These questions were plaguing my mind all morning! As soon as I walked on set I was greeted by Chef Jim from the Mucky Duck and Peggy the producer. Chef is a character making you laugh at anything and everything and Peggy was so nice to put me right at ease. What an amazing show to be part of! Everyone makes you feel right at home and have to give props to Andi Hauser! She made it seem like we were the best of friends just talking on a Friday night about what’s going on! Was there a camera even there? :) I want to truly thank everyone at Indy Style for making my first day one I will never forget!