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Lisa The Face: My Life Story Under 5 Minutes

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Hey guys! I figured since my bio is out, I would elaborate on my life story a little bit right here in a blog.

So, I’m originally from the Westside of Indianapolis, IN just off of 38th and Moller Rd.
Me and my family left there in third grade and moved to Avon! On the way out of the city, teachers and friends enjoyed joking about how I was moving to a ‘snobby’ town.

When I had to go to my first day of school in Avon, it was everything but snobby! Pine Tree Elementary was so nice and so were the teachers and students. I was welcomed with warm smiles from everyone and was very comfortable in my new town of Avon.

I’m going to have to shorten the details of my preteen years in middle school, and only tell you that I was a cheerleader, I loved art class, I went to cheer/tumbling classes religiously, and I hosted the morning announcements which aired on the classroom TVs every morning.

Aside from the odd years of growing up, I finally started coming into my own in high school. As soon as I started to grow up into a teenager, I began to get bullied by upper-class female students, which stunted my happiness at the time.

Eventually, after surviving the torment and cheering those girls out the door when they graduated, I was more motivated than ever to be somebody. So thanks ladies!

Being an excelled student in art classes all the way into the later days of high school, rung a bell in my head that echoed inspiration to study art in college.

When I enrolled in The School of Informatics New Media program, it was sort of what I wanted, but it was missing that organic ‘art’ element. So I went over to Herron School of Art to obtain that feeling. But Herron was too hard on their students in an emotional way, where during art critiques, you would feel naked and exposed, then crushed at the end of them like you weren’t ever good enough. At The School of Informatics New Media program, the critiques weren’t as long or as in depth, but they would still point out where you needed to correct your work- just in a way nicer external way. In the end, I believe that the tough criticism gave me tougher skin, and broke me of being too sensitive. I was then able to create art and not feel as attached umbilically. Is that good for an artist? Yes! Many artists do need tougher skin and discipline. Beneath it all, both schools were great and I had a wonderful education.

During college, I did all sorts of art related activities on my own time. I dabbled in acting in short films, did some hosting, started recording my own music in Sony ACID, sang in a band and even danced professionally for the Arena Football Indiana Firebirds Fabulous Flames.

Then, I moved to Los Angeles, California! I needed inspiration and wanted to explore the Hollywood lifestyle, so I checked out of Indy for a few years.

My experience in Los Angeles was great. I go back to visit friends and attend movie/TV functions sometimes. People in L.A. are interesting. Most people who move there have some sort of huge motivation behind what they are doing… maybe even a hidden agenda.

For me, I wanted to try to work in movies and TV somehow, and did. I worked as talent in front of the camera on movies like “Alvin and the Chipmunks,” and TV shows like “Entourage” and “Everybody Hates Chris.” I also worked behind the scenes to make people on camera look even better, whether it was doing makeup or body doubling for stars who didn’t like their hands.

During my stint in L.A., I even wound up uncovering a talent I didn’t know I had- writing. I was published for celebrity related interviews and stories on Hollyscoop, People, MTV and TheCount. Right now, I am focusing on my position as the Face, and not writing anywhere full time.

Back to the L.A. chat, I bet you want to know who my favorite and not-so-favorite celebrity is, as well as a story or two about hanging with them.

Firstly, I can’t say enough good stuff about Adam Sandler. I did some bit parts on a few of his movies, and we got the chance to interact on set and even got to hang out with him at Frankie’s in Hollywood for dinner.

Sandler treated every employee from various ends of the business- equal. He was never once stuck up or too good to say hello if you walked by him. He would sometimes even eat with the crew and cast, which was a big score in the commoners’ world. Ha! I just called me and my friends commoners, and we sort of are compared to how rich and famous Adam is. He’s great.

Another successful, rich and famous actor who stood out to me was Will Smith. Two bodyguards at all times, but still said hi to everyone and even asked how your day was going! Tops!

Let’s not forget Corey Feldman! He is the nicest and most normal child star I ever met. Corey and I still keep in touch. I’m sure you’d like to hear about Leonardo DiCaprio now…

I was uber lucky to be in the same vicinity as Leo one night. He rarely goes out, but he happened to go out the same night as I did. He was with Kevin Connelly and Lucas Haas. They sat at a table and Leo was wearing a ball cap really low down so you couldn’t tell it was him. I spotted him with the guys but didn’t make a big deal about it. I sat with the guys at the table since I knew Kevin from around. They didn’t talk much with Leo there. Everyone seemed surreal to me, and before I knew it, they were leaving the venue and bolted out the door covering Leo from flashbulbs. Their driver took them off into the night. Since then, I saw Leo’s picture in the tabloids maybe once or twice. So I am thinking that a Leo sighting is super rare.

No, I never met Tom Cruise, but I did meet Justin Timberlake. Weird comparison? As for the not-so-nice celeb, I don’t have anyone for that list! Ask me personally  j/k.

After making my goals of being in movies and TV shows, it was all good, and then I moved to Las Vegas for a little while.

As soon as I moved to Vegas, I started working creatively on the Web. I made a living on it, but after days and days of staring at a computer screen, I made new goals again.

That’s when I wound up back in Indy. I was on vacation in Indy during the Summer, and just couldn’t get back on the plane to Las Vegas. I kept extending my stay, and did so even longer when I made the finals as the Face of MyINDY-TV 23. A couple months went by, and then I landed the job. So I moved back.

As I keep saying repeatedly, Indy has changed in so many positive ways. The arts has grown here, and the town just has more going on in general. I’m especially glad to be back with my family, and they are glad to have me back.

Working here at MyINDY-TV 23, who shares the building with WISH-TV, is great. Everyone who works here is nice and that’s a plus!

I’m really excited to get out and meet all of you, and feel free to ask me questions! I love talking about Hollywood, and of course, what’s happening with and on MyINDY-TV 23.

For everything else, you’ll have to wait for my autobiography to come out someday. Haha!

Til’ then!


My Taste Of Oranje Indy 2012

September 24th, 2012 at 4:21 pm by under Face of MyINDY-TV

Oranje, the annual end of Summer and beginning of Fall party in Indy, has done it again!

I’ve missed years of Oranje since I had been living in L.A., and now that I am back in Indy- my oh my has it grown in many ways.

Now that Oranje is being held at the Indiana Fair Grounds, it’s obvious that the Oranje heads are doing extra mighty fine, and we’re able to upgrade i.e. running toilets :) hooray guys!

Artists Stuart Sayger, Eimaj Designs, Iggy Arana and Mallory Hodgkin caught my attention. These guys pour their hearts and souls into their work, and you can tell when you are standing in front of their pieces.

Band Verdant Vera caught my eye as well. Mostly because the lead singer was fun with long blonde hair and was barefoot the entire set. Oh, and their music was good too :)

It seems that everyone goes to Oranje for different reasons, whether they are looking to dance to music, get drunk, see great art or meet minds alike… But one thing that everyone had in common, was something simple, yet so remarkable. They were all human beings. At least they appeared to be.

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Lisa The New Face of MyINDY-TV 23

September 19th, 2012 at 1:02 pm by under Face of MyINDY-TV

Lisa The Face

Hey guys! It’s Lisa The new Face of MyINDY-TV 23. Just wanted to say hello, and test out this blog.

Keep up with me on Facebook as well at and on Twitter @FaceofMyINDY

Looking forward to the year with you. More coming soon!